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TEST: Sony Xperia Z - Waterproof and vigorous top model - PCWorld Norway

A lot has happened since Sony Ericsson released the Xperia X10, a monster of a mobile phone. The first Xperia model with Android had a giant 4-inch display and powerful processor.

With the freshest top model, Xperia Z, Sony is back on top. Thanks lags in the Sony system has only now got hold of an Xperia Z to test, and then without going through Sony.

As most top models are Sony Xperia Z of the relatively large battle, with the 5-inch screen. Thanks to the screen is pulled out towards the edges are Xperia Z just “small” enough that it works – at least as long as you use it with two hands.

Tighten design

Xperia Z is pretty, but maybe not the most exciting design. The front side is covered by the screen, with a narrow field above and below. The backing is covered by glass, while the edges are a combination of rubber and plastic blank.

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size spite; Xperia Z is very very slim. In fact, it is not more than 7.9 millimeters thick and 146 grams heavy. The tight and angular design allows the Xperia Z is not as good in my hand like HTC One X + and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 – which has more rounded, soft and hand-friendly design.

Razor-sharp big screen

Sony has given 5-inch screen on the Xperia Z the same resolution as huge television screens throughout 1080×1920 pixels. It’s when you see a phone with such high resolution that we wonder at what screen manufacturers actually doing when they still clutching Full HD on 24 – and 27-inch screens, and much more tv’s.

result of the high resolution is that the Xperia Z has a pixel density of the 441 dots per inch. It provides an extremely crisp and delicious photos, be it viewing photos or movies in HD resolution. If the image is sharp, we think maybe it can occasionally appear as a clue blast. Colour reproduction and contrast is not quite on par with the best mobile screens we’ve tested, but still considered to be very good.

About to move out in wet environments be sure to close the covers.

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Sony has equipped the phone with Mobile Bravia Engine 2, which will provide better picture quality images and video. In practice, the sprites up the colors a little extra, and sometimes a little bit much. It is a simple matter to disable the feature.

To drive the big phone and the impressive screen, Sony has chosen the same innards including LG has used the Nexus 4 and Optimus G. This means that you find a quad-core Krait processor 1, 5 gigahertz interior, combined with a powerful Adreno 320 graphics processor and two gigabytes of memory. In performance tests also showed our LG optimus G and Xperia Z to make it less identical. The result was good flow in all, we have used the apps and surfing, and mostly very good flow in graphics heavy games. Playback of HD video in both 720P and 1080P also functioned flawlessly.

Slightly disappointing is that Sony has chosen to give Xperia Z relatively modest 16 gigabytes of storage. It’s small today. Fortunately, there is support for memory cards, but given that it is not always as easy to install apps on memory card, it is not quite the same.

Tackles snow, water and sand

Certainly not disappointing is the job Sony has done to make the phone slightly, or a lot if you will, more hardy than most top models. Sony Xperia Z follows namely IP57 standard. That means the phone to withstand dust, dirt and water. As long as you batten down the hatches, thus fitting that covers the sim card, memory card, headphone jack and USB port is closed, so if you put the phone in water.

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We have both tried to wash the phone under the tap and put it under water and it still works just as well. Nice for the one of the little reckless battle, or who need a phone that can withstand a little extra. It’s nice to be able to talk on the phone when it rains too, without being afraid that it will stop working.

Waterproof and rugged Xperia Z is a good outdoor phone without compromise.

Pestle Good camera

Sony has been known for great mobile cameras since before it took off with smartphones. To Xperia Z, they have chosen their own 13 megapixel Exmor RS sensor. During the test period, we were impressed with both the camera and software belong. Thanks to smart features, we ended up with very good pictures.

In addition to making good, ordinary images, the camera app also fascinating series of images at up to 10 frames per second, panorama function and various filters. A recent and very good HDR function is also in place, providing agile and exciting photo opportunities in difficult lighting conditions. There is support for video recording in 1080p resolution, with HDR support. For video calls, you have a two mega pixel camera of acceptable quality.

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As expected in such a pass fresh top model is the support for most of the standards. Here you can include support for 3G with speeds up to 42Mbps via HSDPA and 4G up to 100Mbps. Moreover, the NFC for easy transfer of data to other NFC devices – and with Xperia Z was for once easy to transfer data via NFC.

nice Android Experience

Sony Xperia Z is for now equipped with Android 4.1.2, but according to Sony soon be updated to Android 4.2. The operating system is relatively similar to what we’ve seen on Sony phones in the past year. For example, Sony added their own versions of some basic apps, such as photo albums and music player. In addition, they have added their own music service, Music Unlimited, which is a kind of rival to Spotify and Wimp.

We like Sony’s adaptation of the operating system, but it is not quite on par with HTC’s Sense sovereign system.

Smartphones Z is equipped with a relatively powerful battery on the 2330 mAh. The perpendicular of the most powerful phones have so far remained at less than 2000 mAh. Thus, one would think that the Xperia Z offers a little extra battery life. With a large screen with high resolution is, in our experience unfortunately not quite the case. At relatively kind user can expect battery life of just over four hours. With a little more varied use, with a little gaming, photography, surfing and reading and replying to emails, kept, far shorter. In fact, we experienced the worst having to charge the phone twice during the day and evening, but with medium heavy use. Like to use the phone part during the day should you therefore have a charger or an external emergency battery easily accessible.

Alternatively, you can activate one of the phone’s power-saving features. We chose to include letting the phone disabling WLAN and cellular data traffic on the screen went black, and some other trick to save battery life. It gave far better battery life, but at the same time made the phone, for example, be able to check e-mail or other things online while the screen was off.


With Xperia Z Sony has created a phone that truly assert themselves in the top. Most of it is simply cracking. It has good performance for most of use, you have a display that is ridiculously sharp and a camera-beating most of mobile cameras to date. The phone also stand to take a bath is also nice.

Everything is not just bliss and peace. Large, high resolution screen and powerful processor has namely its price, at least if you want to use it a bit. Battery life is not all the world, and by suitably experienced heavy use we need to find the charger multiple times during a day.

We like just the tight design well, but the sharp edges makes the phone is not quite as good in my hand as we might hope. It is to live with, but there could Sony learned something from Samsung and HTC.

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